Composer and musician, I teach:


(As well as music theory, harmony, composition, M.A.O and improvisation).


Music is a fascinating experience of self-discovery. I teach in Bordeaux, practicing a global approach based on technique, creativity (via moments of improvisation with four hands, from the first lesson), but also the necessary relaxation of the body, practicing yoga for 15 years. wishes to discover and help the student to develop his own musical qualities, his creativity; exploring with him the world of sounds.

A good education comes, I believe, if the teacher takes time to study the personnality, the particularities of the student. Respecting the student's rhythm, I like to improvise directly with him and teach him to read music with ease and autonomy, as well as to understand harmony. I teach children as well as adults, beginners or looking for a deepening of knowledge. I teach according to my own progressive method which allows regular learning to play works: from the classical repertoire, from the repertoire of film music, and from the minimalist repertoire, as well as all current music (pop, rock, electro, jazz, blues, etc.).

I also teach (on request) to compose, arrange and improvise, to develop themes, melodies, to study music in terms of harmony, etc. Possibility to combine learning the instrument and approach to composition (and improvisation). I accompany the student from the start with another instrument that I practice: violin, guitar or my second piano, because music comes from that we listen to ourselves and to each other. We will decide from the first course of the targeted approach and personal needs to harmoniously develop your talent.

The first course is offered to get to know. The course can be given in English. The student in piano will work on a piano Yamaha U1 and a Roland FA-08. The student can choose to practice with me two instruments studied during the lesson hour. * NOTE: For the singers who make covers or compose songs, I can accompany you in the production of professional work: assistance with composition, arrangement, final recording for a very competitive amount.

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