Composer, violinist, pianist and guitarist, David Atria (born in 1975) is a versatile musician whose expertise encompasses both classical tradition and modern music. He approaches the musical sphere in all its contemporary forms: composition, production, recording, pedagogy, sound design and live performances.
He teaches piano, violin and guitar in Bordeaux.
He regularly works with Belgian and French musicians, recording with Aeternis, the Ensemble David Atria and the Ensemble Darius. At the same time, he gives lectures on different subjects related to music. His music - stimulating dancers and videographers, is the source of various artistic collaborations.
Composing since 2002, he devotes himself daily to the development of collections of pieces for solo instruments, duets, trios, string quartets, concertos; and Christian religious music.

The 17 may 2020, the french violinist Geneviève Laurenceau performs his piece "Demetrius" for solo violin and publishes it on her Facebook page in her series Un violon sous le toit,  a compilation of new creations born during the confinement period.

"Demetrius" by the fantastic french violinist Geneviève Laurenceau!

Passionate about the different ways of thinking about music, he develops his projects via his own label Emma Music founded in 2010. All the discs are on sale through the usual platforms.

4 presentation videos: