Born in Liège on January 31, 1975, he took private piano lessons in his childhood, then jazz guitar lessons with Charly d'Inverno. 1995-1998, Plastic Arts Studies in St-Luc, Liège. In 1999, he followed Patrick Lenfant's courses in composition and electro-acoustics at the Liège Conservatory. He will not stop completing his musical training as an autodidact, but also by increasing the meetings, over time, with recognized artists and pedagogues (Borys Cholewka, Fanchon Daemers, Henri Chédorge, Jean-Frédéric Kirjuhel).

In 2002, he left Liège for Brussels but very quickly went to Paris, where he created, with Nunzio d'Annibale and Raphaël Denys an online arts and literature review called "In situ!" "(Who will publish interviews with important writers and musicians: Philippe Sollers, Jordi Savall, Fabio Biondi, Etienne Klein, Stéphane Zagdanski, etc.). For two years, publication of classic record reviews in the Literary Magazine. Compose fifty music for a Parisian pub box. At the end of 2007, Fabio Biondi interpreted his first violin sonata during a concert in Norway.

In 2008, departure for Bordeaux; need to find this southern light, to renew the field of vision, energy and inspiration. Two years later, he met a quartet from the National Orchestra of Bordeaux who decided to put several of his works in his repertoire. At the end of 2010, he joined forces with violinist Anne-Sylvie Primo who directs the Ensemble Darius. This group of classical musicians, with variable geometry, regularly plays the repertoire and its works. First concerts given in Belgium: December 2011. The association Amos, via videographer Nathalie de Calbiac, commissioned music for the short film Le fil de toi which was broadcast in November 2011 at the cinema Utopia in Bordeaux and at the show from the Mollat ​​bookstore. On December 4, he participated as a composer and musician, with the Ensemble Darius, in the vernissage of Olivier Pé for his exhibition at the St-Pholien Church in Liège, called Jardin des jours. At the end of 2012, he imagined Continuum Présence, dance / music / video performance which will be created in 2014 in collaboration with a videographer and Olivier Pé, director.

In 2012, he completed two books of poetry and a book of writings on music called "How I got back to where I was", which puts into perspective, through the study of music by other composers, and the deepening of his spiritual parentage, his present and future journey. Winter 2012, creation of the Synaxis Musica association to promote the Ensemble in France. First concerts: spring 2013. October 2013, creation during the Sacred Music Festival of Liège, the String Quartet I, and the Sonata for solo violin I by Anne-Sylvie Primo and the Ensemble Darius. Choirmaster Frédéric Serrano, who directs Stella Montis, commissioned him to perform a play that was performed in December 2014 in Bordeaux, during a concert celebrating the choir's twenty years. The Continuum Présence disc (released in January 2013 in dematerialized form), released in January 2014 on CD under the Emma music label, and brings together works created for the David Atria Ensemble. 2014, grant of a second grant from "The Province of Liège" to record the post-classical electro disc Via Tertia. Digital release date: August 31, 2015.

The third electro-acoustic disc Music for Imaginary Scenes is published on the net in October 2015. The fourth disc, which will be composed of pieces for chamber ensemble is in preparation. In January 2017, he founded the trio Æternis with Sylvain Biscarrat and Valentine Boisgontier, excellent improvisational musicians (Virago disc in progress). In April 2017, he created with artist Fanny de Rauglaudre Enthousia (enthousia.org): a collective of artists and writers who will present his multimedia creations in Bordeaux, Paris. In 2017, David Atria gave two conferences on "The Magic Flute" by Mozart at the universities of Rochefort and Parthenay. The Æternis ensemble officially entered into permanent creation residency at the MLS Art Gallery, directed by MarieLys Singaravélou. Presentations / concerts, as well as multimedia proposals will take place once a season. In 2018, he created the music for the poetic show Excelsior, written by Patricia Houéfa Grange. The ensemble Æternis also performs regularly at Galerie Première Ligne by Cécile Odartchenko. In addition, a number of works are written (including a Requiem, a concerto for piano, a concerto for violin, a concerto grosso, chamber music, etc.). See the "Directory" tab. He works between Bordeaux, Paris, Brussels and Liège. Give piano, guitar, violin, composition, improvisation lessons in Bordeaux.

26 years old